Learning outcome of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

I am writing this article after few months but this was one of the topics that I was looking for a long time to share my views. Interestingly this article is not directly related to any technical content of paradigm.

Before moving to the details, I would like to highlight a few incidents that I came across over the past few months. Please find them below.

1) Increase of vote selling in India (Bribe for vote)

2) Easter Sunday bombing in Sri Lanka, terrorists are identified as well educated and financially capable/well settled.

In the above, I have taken two different incidents. You might be wondering what is the relationship between them. As you thought there is no direct relationship between the incidents but at the end of this article you view might change at least a bit.

If you take the incident #1, it is one of the struggling problems in Indian election as of now. Election commission of India trying their best to stop bribing voters but obviously not succeeded enough. This is not the first time that we came across such an incident. Nearly, a year back this topic was discussed in publicly on R.K. Nagar by-election, Tamil Nadu; 20 rupees currency note used as a token for 8000–10000 INR for a voter. Check more details in the below references.

after this incident, there were a lot of discussions against bribing the voters/selling votes. There were various propaganda evolved saying voters should look at the ideology and facts of the candidate when casting their vote rather looking for money or freebies.

If you consider the incident #2, which is so pathetic have a different side of the story. As per the initial investigation, terrorists are identified as well educated and financially settled. They haven’t done these suicide bomb attacks for money rather they had a different motive and target.

Now, we can understand some people have basic needs as per incident #1 and some have totally different needs as per incident #2. This difference of need is clearly explained by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and it can provide answers for many of our questions.

Discussion & Take Away

Now, Let’s take the incident #1, the majority of the people who have sold their votes are from lower and lower-middle class people who are financially struggling for their existence. Now, people who are doing propaganda and awareness against bribe for votes are typically from the upper and upper-middle-class community.

In simple words, people who are struggling for their next meal don’t look for self-actualization or esteem needs rather they have basic physiological and safety needs. Then they will not look at the ideology or facts of a candidate rather they look at what type of financial and social benefit they will get when casting a vote.

Let’s consider others who already achieved their physiological, safety, love/belonging needs (as like incident #2); their needs are totally different from a person who works hard for his/her next meal. When they achieved their basic needs, they’ll get so bored and there is a question arose as what is next? This is a very important stage, this kind of people looking for esteem and self-actualization needs. But, at this stage, they need clear guidance to achieve the esteem and self-actualization needs in a way that society also gets benefit out of it, if not they could go out of track as similar to incident #2.

Then, in summary, needs are different from person to person. If you are financially well settled then your needs are different from a person who is working hard for his/her next meal. Person who is working hard to achieve the basic needs will not listen to your ideology/facts.

Just my few cents…

Senior Tech Lead, Speaker @ WSO2. Closely works on Stream Processing and Integration