Data processing is one of the critical components of enterprise integration. Even though there are various approaches to process data, query expressions are usually considered the go-to approach. Language integrated queries specify the logic in SQL-like syntax to process the data/events, and they are easy to write and understand due to the simplicity of the syntax. The Ballerina programming language provides first-class support to write queries for data processing. In this article, we will discuss the query language support in Ballerina with some examples.

As of now, language integrated queries are supported for iterator implementations such as an array, map…

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I have just completed 7 years at WSO2 on 1st January 2020. It was a great journey with a lot of memories to share. All these years, I have worked directly or indirectly related to Siddhi, been a contributor to Siddhi and Siddhi became part of my day to day life. I wanted to write up something around it and thought this would be a good time to share some words about Siddhi and its journey.

Siddhi in the Sinhala language means incidents (things that happen) and in Tamil language, it means knowledge. For whom, not aware of Siddhi, it…

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This article is all about Stream Processing and Cloud Nativeness. You might already have an idea about this article based on the title. Then, without much sugar coating let’s discuss the subject.

Cloud Nativeness one of the prominent term or buzz words you could hear in the tech industry in recent days. There are a lot of organizations are revisiting their enterprise architecture and system to move them to the cloud. For most of the organization, moving into the Cloud is considered as the next milestone in the digital transformation effort.

OK, now. What is meant by Cloud Nativeness?


OK, we are so close to the Sri Lankan presidential election 2019, just a few hours to the election day.

This blog post is not written to support or attack one specific presidential candidate. That does not mean that I am a so-called “neutral” person; I also have my political view, which many accept and reject. This medium post shares my observations and my opinion regarding social media usage and political propaganda around it.

Supporter vs Neutral vs Devotee

We can divide the voters into three segments; they are supporters, neutral persons, and devotees. A supporter is always praising the good things done by the…

In my previous post, I have discussed on Stream Processing and its need in the integration world; in this post, I am mainly focusing on Ballerina Streams and how it is evolved over the time, promising capabilities and its direction.

The Start

After the evolution of Ballerina programming language, we have identified the need for the Streaming capabilities in the language. If you have a question on “why” then better you read the previous article.

As the first step, we wanted to bring the streaming capabilities to Ballerina language within a very short time period. As some of you aware, we already…

I hope all of you who are reading through this post well aware about WSO2 Stream Processor. If not, please refer one of my previous post and official site for more information. In this blog post, I will be discussing 11 most impressive and prominent capabilities of WSO2 Stream Processor and its uniqueness compared to other Stream Processor systems in the market.

WSO2 Stream Processor is a lightweight, open source, high performance, stream processing platform that understands streaming SQL queries in order to capture, analyze, process and act in real time. …

Some of you might be wondering about the subject and thinking what is the relation between the Stream Processing and Enterprise Integration. Before discussing more details about the subject we need to understand what is meant by Stream Processing, why enterprise integration and then we’ll focus on understanding the relationship between them.

What is Stream Processing?

I don’t want to bring a totally new interpretation for this. Let me give you the well-accepted definition given by the analysts.

Forrester defines Stream Processing as the heart of all streaming flows is a sequence of streaming operators that are configured and threaded together to process and…

White-Board pattern is an important implementation scenario in OSGI programming. I’m writing this blog post because it is hard to find a proper blog post regarding the white-board pattern with an sample. Even some of you might implemented this pattern without knowing this is what means “White-board pattern”. To get more idea about the post it is necessary to have basic knowledge about the OSGI.

Why we need a White-Board pattern?

The whiteboard pattern was invented because the registration of listeners and reacting to their events became a pain in the ass with many (dynamic) dependencies. Especially, because in a…

Mohanadarshan Vivekanandalingam

Senior Tech Lead, Speaker @ WSO2. Closely works on Stream Processing and Integration

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